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People Food Awards 2021 Carbone Fine Food wins Best Tomato Sauce
Carbone Fine Food

Red Sauces With the Carbone Touch

Here's what the CEO says is next for Carbone after successful pasta sauce launch

Carbone takes aim at Rao's with new supermarket sauce lineup

Carbone Launches Direct to Consumer Jarred Sauces

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Carbone Fine Food Bloomberg Logo

Power-Pasta Spot Carbone Is Bringing Its Sauce to Supermarkets

By Kate Krader March 29, 2021

Carbone’s first three bottled sauce flavors are arrabbiata, marinara, and tomato basil. Photographer: Tyler Bertram

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Carbone Fine Foods Fast Company Feature Image

How the most coveted restaurant in America bottled its magical experience in a jar.

Carbone Fine Food Fast Company Feature Image of Arrabiata, Marinara, and Tomato Basil pasta sauce
Carbone Fine Food Press Page. Wine Spectator, Hamptons, The New York Times Magazine
Carbone Fine Foods Pres Page featuring Design District, Aficionado, and the New York Fall Preview

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